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iStability for iPhone 4S

Make your HD movies in iPhone 4S look like Pro. iStability gives you freedom to walk and run while capturing your best steady shoots ever.
Choose the standard configuration if you want to shoot movies under normal conditions and almost everywhere, being portable, lighweight and cost effective.
If you want to shoot under windy days then select the solution with additional weights. You can combine several configurations and personalize almost all items.


iStability Standard - for iPhone 4, 4S
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Configurations and prices


Standard configuration

 1x main 6mm carbon fiber tube
 1x iPhone support @6mm
 1x standard soft foam handle

 1x swash plate with 5 high precision bearings @6mm
 1x lightweight X counterbalance @6mm

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Add additional weight  2x weight 0.5Kg (1.1Lbs)
 2x adjustable weight support @6mm
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Add 2 Handles

 2 soft rubber grip handles @180º

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Add 3 Handles  3 soft rubber grip handles @120º
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Additional configurations on demand


Main carbon fiber tube

 8mm diameter
 10mm diameter

iPhone support  @8mm


Swash plate



X support
Additional weight support
*d&md - designed and manufactured on demand

Configurations details

Swash plate having 5 high precision bearings

The swash plate handle is built with five high precision sealed bearings. One for the 360º heading rotation and two pairs for the ± 60º pitch and ± 40º roll, resulting in an extreme smoth, frictionless and wide handle motion.
Optionally you can select ceramic bearings for even higher performance, please email us if desired.


Sintered material

Selective Laser Sintered Material

Parts are built with the strongest nylon material available for SLS manufacture. The standard color is white, also available in black, red, dark grey and indigo. Optionally parts can be polished or built with alumide, a nylon and aluminium alloy to increased rigidity.

white is standard


email us for other

Weightless standard configuration

Lightweight X couterbalance

The lightweight X couterbalance is included in the standard configuration of the iStability.
This is the weightless solution for iStability, very confortable and tireless along all your shootings.

inlcluded in
standard configuration

2 Handles
3 Handles

Handle with soft rubber grip

In the standard solution the handle is mounted

with a soft rubber grip to increase comfort.

Other solutions may be purchased having additional handles, two handles @180º or three handles @120º.

Personalize your package.

2 rubber handles

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3 rubber handles

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Carbon fiber tube

The standard 6 millimeter carbon fiber tube is used in the vertical main axle for increased flexural strength, having 300mm height. Other personalized measures may be configured depending of selected weigths and stability requirements.

6mm is standard


8mm, 10mm need special parts email us

Additional weights

The weight supports have the standard measures of weight training so that you can buy small sets to personalize your iStability.
The additional weight configuration adds two 0.5Kg with supports for windy days.
  2x 0.5Kg(1.1Lbs) and
2x Supports

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Calibration and setup

Single axis calibration

All parts are axially balanced, so there is no need to compensate roll and pitch adjustments. The only calibration is the vertical position of the center of gravity, that has to be slightly lower than the swash plate support. This is done by setting the position of the handle and tightening two screws.

standard configuration


iStability HD movie
iStability is designed to shoot HD movies using iPhone 4S with resolution of 1920x1080p. Extremely smooth motion is obtained through the use of high precision sealed bearings.



iPhone socket
Fast and easy iPhone housing fit, with horizontal insert and push action. To take it out just pull it out horizontally. Screen, buttons and connectors fully accessible.